Our Friends

Virtual Worlds Grid is owned by Myron Curtis and hosted by A Dimension Beyond, Inc. Myron is the CEO and a Founder of A Dimension Beyond. ADB was founded in 2014 by Myron, Steve LaVigne, and Agueda Quintino. ADB is a software development company for virtual world related creations and also a hosting company for virtual worlds and web pages and such. 

Our servers are all owned by ADB and are in a data center in Phoenix, Arizona. They are connected to the Internet Backbone with fast connections. Check out the ADB web site here.  ADB is hosting small and large grids on our servers. If you are interested in having your own virtual world send us a note at: angel@angelfireaz.net

Below are some of our friends that ADB hosts:

2 Nymphgrid-An OpenSim grid.

My Virtual Beach-An OpenSim grid.

Underground Study Cell-An OpenSim grid.

ADB World- A Halcyon grid.

Discover Creo Mundos- A Halcyon grid.

Grid Racers-An OpenSim grid.

Planet Concourse- A Halcyon grid.

Metaverse Dimensions-An OpenSim grid.

Immworlds-A cybaLOUNGE Web-based grid.

Soveria Estates-A Halcyon grid.

Avie Realm Grid-An OpenSim grid.

A Server for serving regions on OSGrid

Empi's FrankenServer-A Halcyon grid.

Plus a bunch of web pages and other stuff!

If you would like to join the ADB family check out our website at adimensionbeyond.com!